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Whether you're a new business, or just looking for a few updates, Emerald Web Solutions LLC has you covered!


Need a website but don't know where to start? Let Emerald Web Solutions LLC help you! We offer fast, easy, and customizable packages to get your website up and running as fast as possible!

Whether you are following a hobby or have just opened a small business, this website package will get you started. In this package, we will:
  • Provide consultation to help you choose the best web-hosting plan for your website.
  • Build you a custom single page website. (Additional pages can be added upon request)
  • Basic security for login and contact forms to prevent brute-force attacks.
  • Submit your website to all major search engines.
Tired of hearing customers complain about your website? Or maybe you're just ready for a new look? Either way, Emerald Web Solutions LLC has you covered! With this package, we will give your already existent website a complete facelift.   Contact us for a Quote.

Addons / Single Services

Need updates to your website? Emerald Web Solutions LLC can handle that! We offer additional services for your already existent website. Whether you need additional pages, website optimization, or site maintenance of any kind, we have you covered!

Need additional pages added to your website? No problem! Each additional page may be billed differently depending on the amount of information that needs to be displayed on the page. Simple pages with text and few graphics will cost less than elaborate pages with detailed layouts.   $100 Per Page

Note: An additional $50 will be charged if you need us to write content for you.

In this day and age, websites are expected to look good while performing at their peak. Let us make your website more search engine friendly. We will optimise key parts of your website to gain you a better SEO score and increase your site speed, ultimately strengthening your search engine ranking.   $200 + $50 for each additional page.

Note: Initial pricing includes optimization of the homepage. | Search Engine placement results may vary.

Every bit counts. Let us minify your Javascript and CSS files. Minifying files is the process of taking all unnecessary whitespace and comments out of a file and placing all of the included code on one line. Although this practice will produce minimal results for the average desktop user who has a fairly fast internet speed, this will come as a great improvement for mobile users whose speed may not be as great at times.   $2.00 per file.

Note: This service only minifies your files. If you're looking for more advanced optimizations that will greatly affect all users, choose our Website Optimization service. It includes this service, plus much more!

Keep your website up to date! Whether you are adding new content or simply changing some text, let Emerald Web Solutions LLC help you make those changes. For a single monthly price, we will make all necessary changes to your website. We'll even update your plugins for you!   $50 Per Month

Note: This service is only for minor site updates. Complete or partial website revisions will be quoted separately. | A maximum of 4 updates per month (limited to an hour each) will be allowed.

Secure your site! SSL certificates are now a major factor in your Google Ranking. SSL Certificates provide security to you and your customers by protecting vulnerable information such as emails, passwords, and credit card information.   $100 + $20 per page.
Need to move your website? Let us help! We will move your website and emails to a host of your choice.   Contact us for a Quote.
Nothing is worse than having to start over once you have already completed something. Dont loose your data! Let us backup your website and database.   Contact us for a Quote.

Dont waste your time.

Let us handle your website, so you can build your business.

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